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Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud.  We’ve all heard these terms before, and we know we can save money by using these services, but which is right for your business, and how does the process of migrating to the cloud work?  If done properly, migrating to the cloud can be a painless process.

Our Approach

Our approach to migrating servers to the cloud begins with a proper network assessment.  During this assessment, we gather important performance metrics for your existing servers and workstations, as well as review how this data is accessed by your employees on a daily basis to design and size the cloud environment accordingly.  Once we have this information, we work with the business owner and determine which applications could be good candidates to move to the cloud, and whether a public, private, or hybrid cloud model should be used.  Once a solution has been accepted, we begin the process of migrating applications to the new cloud environment.

The key to a successful cloud migration is good planning, completing a network assessment and setting proper expectations throughout and after the migration process.

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