Server & Desktop Management

Most outages that cause downtime and cost your company money can be prevented by proactively monitoring and managing the network environment. Often times when there is a problem with a server or workstation that may cause it to fail, warning signs are written to log files within the operating system. If you are not proactively looking for these signs, you will never know until it’s too late and the system has already failed. At RCN Networks, we take a 3 step approach to our server and desktop management program to help deliver maximum uptime for your business.

Infrastructure Backup

Perhaps the most important part of your business is your data. This includes your financial records, workstation data, employee records, proprietary information, and more. As part of our management plan, we ensure all of your most critical information is backed up to a secure location, and optionally replicated to our SSAE 16 certified datacenters. Most importantly, we also make sure your data is recoverable. All too often businesses have backups in place, however, the ability to restore the data has never actually been checked. At RCN Networks, we periodically restore data during our routine maintenance checks and verify the data can be recovered when you need it most.

Proactive Monitoring

Each asset that RCN Networks manages will have a management agent installed on it. This management agent is key to providing maximum uptime and efficiency for your network infrastructure, by proactively looking for warning signs of problems that are about to happen. Our 24×7 network operation center (NOC) receives these alerts and reacts accordingly to remedy the situation.

Proactive Maintenance

Just like a car needs to be serviced periodically in order to keep it running for many years, servers and workstations need the same kind of care not only to keep them running efficiently but to keep them secure from internet-related threats. As part of our management plan, we schedule routine maintenance plans on all assets managed by RCN Networks. This plan includes the following:

  • Testing and deploying Microsoft Windows and Office Security Updates
  • Install, Manage and update anti-virus/spyware and malware security software
  • Install, manage and update firewall security policies and firmware


RCN Networks has developed partnerships with some of the best names in the technology industry. Each of the technologies below has been vigorously tested both in our lab and in production before making it as an RCN Networks partner.

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