Does Your Business Need Professional IT Support

Nearly every business owner in the country relies upon computer-based technologies and the internet. It’s almost impossible to find a business owner who doesn’t use computers for telecommunications, inventory tracking, point of sale transactions and other important day-to-day necessary tasks. Yet, some business owners don’t understand the point of professional IT support or believe that it’s too expensive. They typically perform IT maintenance and repairs in a do-it-yourself fashion and only seek professional help during emergencies.

Our team knows that when business owners don’t regularly use IT support, they lose a great deal throughout the year. Read on to learn more:

The Cost of Common Tech Problems

A business that doesn’t have an IT support person or team on call typically deals with a higher number of common computer issues on a daily basis than businesses that invested in professional support. Employees, managers or even the business owner unnecessarily lose hours of valuable production time trying to troubleshoot and fix basic issues that an experienced IT technician can recognize and resolve within minutes.

They also waste precious time and lose revenues trying to make their computers or cloud connection work during production or a transaction after a common issue normally found during an IT maintenance check evolves into a full-blown emergency. When their situation finally forces them to call a professional, they’re faced with paying more for emergency technical support.

Cybersecurity Concerns

Research proves that computer system attacks by hackers and other criminals have become increasingly common and business size doesn’t matter. An attack can result in critical data loss and even cause employee demotivation and customer distrust.

Companies that invest in professional IT support have better defenses than those in which business owners feel that a basic antivirus program is all of the protection that they need to defend against sophisticated attacks. Cybercriminals use the latest technologies, hacks and schemes through malware, phishing and other techniques and tools to breach defenses. Why then wouldn’t any business owner invest in better security?

Some experts estimate that nearly 90% of businesses and organizations around the world experience phishing attacks alone each year. When a business owner relies upon IT support, it’s like they have a personal army always guarding the borders of their domain. With professional support, they also don’t have to waste their time and money trying to stay in the know about the latest methods used by criminals. Their support team does all of the hard work.

Employee and Customer Experiences

When a business owner doesn’t use IT support staff on a regular basis, their employees often fail to receive appropriate technology training. As a result, they usually work less efficiently or quickly, accidentally lose critical data and even grow demotivated and care less about providing their best efforts. They can also experience so much frustration while attempting to resolve a tech problem that they unintentionally say or do the wrong thing in a customer’s presence.

Customers also suffer when they have to wait for tech resolutions. Besides dealing with irritable employees, they lose time waiting for service. They might even give up and decide to not buy products and services from a business that has poor technical support. They then express their anger by posting bad online reviews or even boycotting a business.

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With this simple breakdown, it’s easy to see why professional IT support is a necessity for any business. With support, technologies work optimally most of the time and businesses experience fewer disruptions and revenue losses. When a tech-related problem emerges, an IT team uses their advanced experience and tools to quickly bring everything back to optimal status.

Business owners and employees also experience less worry about attacks from cybercriminals or data loss. Employees feel more confident when using technologies and know that they have the backup help they need when experiencing technology hiccups.

Lastly, when customers enjoy their experiences with a business, they’re more likely to return to it repeatedly for products and services and freely make positive word-of-mouth referrals and offer useful feedback. Great customer experiences make businesses that invest in IT support better at competing in local, national and global economies.

RCN Networks has business continuity services that you could subscribe to. You can also complete the Free Security Network Risk Assessment form on the website to learn about the potential vulnerabilities in your system and have experts help you overcome them.